Hostel facility is available for both Boys and Girls separately. Individual carts and shelves are provided to the students. Separate toilets are available for the students. Laundry facility is available for the students to wash their clothes. Full time wardens stay with the students in the hostel to help and guide them academically and also for Non-Academics. Students are also given importance to sports and physical fitness to stay healthy and fit. Clean and serene atmosphere is created to help them feel like home. Special care is taken towards every student to improve them on whole.

Nutritious food is provided to the students for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Students can opt for both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food. Purified, clean water (Mineral water) is provided to them for drinking. Evening snacks are provided every day with Tea/Milk.

A store which contains basic amenities like stationaries, snacks, cosmetics and toiletries is available. A pharmacy is available in the school premise itself for emergency medical aid and relief. A medical van is available 24X7 to take the students consult a doctor in case of illness.