Maths Laboratory

Maths laboratory project in Vidyaa Vikas International School is not a new concept. The active department of mathematics always provided an environment to supplement classroom teaching by innovative teaching methods.

A Maths lab period is allotted to every class in weekly planner of the class.

Preplanned experiment / activity is performed under the guidance of the teacher.

Students are provided reference material and information about the activity.

Then, activity is conducted followed by observations, discussion and application to real life. Students are encouraged to make working / static models wherever possible. Their work is displayed on the bulletin board as exhibits.

Internet provides new dimensions to learning mathematics.

Regularly visited sites and soft ware by students and teachers:

Conversion tools--metric tool, 1cm and hcf tool, percent-decimal conversion number system etc. Brain pop, mathematical, sketch pad graphic

calculator animation films on trigonometric functions etc.

Reference materials for teachers provided new possibilities of teaching.

Multimedia teaching itself generates interest. C.DS. are shown on projector in multimedia classes of the school.