Physical Education

School believes in imparting good health and physical fitness to students and has ample facilities for sports.

Total area of the playground is 30 X 100 meters and the games that can be played on the available play ground are Basket Ball, cricket, Hockey, Skating, Volley Ball, Football and Hand ball. All the sports equipment is provided in the school premises under the guidance and coaching of well-trained coaches employed by the school. Various teams participate at the ZonalĀ and National Level and have won accolades. The children park and Indoor Gymnastic hall are built in such a manner that it helps the hildren in increasing their physical fitness and mental co-ordination.

Students excel in indoor games such as carom, Table Tennis, chess and Badminton. Students have participated in Kongu Sagodhya Sports meet and won bronze medal for Badminton at Tirupur.

Our Kabadi team is one of the best teams trained by a renowned coach. The team has won medals and awards in various competitions.

The athletes have won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in 100mts, 200mts, 400mts, 800mts and 1500mts.

The Girls volley ball team has excelled in various competitions.

Yoga practices are taught in the school and the students have participated in state level yoga competitions and the team has bagged over all championship for the last three years.