School Rules

All students on admission must make themselves familiar with the rules notified for their conduct. Parents must take the responsibility of making their children aware of the rules of discipline while studying in the School. Ignorance of the rules will be no excuse for any action against the defaulters.

The attendance will be called out at the beginning of each session. Those who are not in the class room will be marked absent.

Students must bring all the books required for that day’s work. No lending or borrowing is allowed.

School calendar must be brought to the class daily. No page of the calendar should be torn or used for rough work.

Late coming of students should be avoided at all costs except under justifiable and unforeseen circumstances to instil the importance of punctuality in the growing minds. Any student coming to class late more than five minutes will be allowed only after teacher’s signature.

Students must come dressed neatly in their complete school uniform everyday.

Habitual, unjustified or unexplained absence, disobedience or objectionable behaviour justify action against the child. Students are urged to maintain the high standard of the school in their manners and general behaviour.

Students should be polite, friendly and well behaved in and outside the School.Students are encouraged and excepted to speak English in the School.

Students should be particularly careful to avoid throwing paper / litter etc. anywhere in the school premises except in the bins provided for this purpose.

Any kind of damage done in the School premises is to be made good by the guilty. Students should avoid carving, writing or scratching on the walls and furniture.

No books, periodicals, pictures or newspapers, electronic gadgets and devices brought to the School without approval of the Principal. They are liable to be confiscated.

Though every care is taken, the School does not hold any responsibility for the loss of books, money or ornaments etc. It is advisable not to bring any valuables to the School.

No child suffering from any contagious or infectious disease will be allowed to attend the School till the danger of transmitting the infection is over.

Any student persistently insubordinate, repeatedly mischievous or has committed an act of serious indiscipline or misbehaviour or who in the opinion of the Principal has an adverbs influence on other Students may be expelled permanently or removed for a specified period from the rolls by the Principal and the reasons thereof recorded in writing.

Students should maintain silence during the General Assembly, and while moving to the class rooms, after the General Assembly. Silence should be observed on the way to P.E. classes and library.

During the class hours, Students should not leave the classroom under any pretext. If need be, they must get permission from the class teacher.


No student should leave the School premises during the School hours without prior permission of the Principal.

Students not returning punctually to school after the holidays, without prior permission are liable to have their names struck off the rolls.

All leave applications should bear the signature of the parent / guardian.

A student who without valid reason and prior permission has been absent for a month is liable to have his / her name struck off without advance notice. If re admission is sought then he / she will be considered as a fresh admission.


Prescribed application for withdrawal should be submitted to the Principal at least one month before leaving the School.

No Transfer Certificate will be issued unless all sums due to the School have been paid in full.


Without help and cooperation of parents and guardians it is not possible to mould the child’s character and develop his / her personality fully. Therefore, they are requested tomake sure that rules of the school are strictly observed by the children.

Parents should see that their children leave home in time to be punctual in school, wear the neat and clean full uniform, prepare the work given to them and take part in co –curricular activities of the school.

Parents should see and sign their children’s progress reports and test notebooks and attend Parent – Teacher meeting whenever held by the School.

If a student is absent due to sickness, the Principal must be informed within a week.

When communicating with the Principal parents must mention the standard of their children.

Parents, guardians or other persons are not allowed to see the students or interview their teachers during school hours without the permission of the Principal by prior appointment.

The parents or guardians will kindly read the rules in this calendar.

Parents are requested to read carefully all circulars issued by the School from time to time and follow instructions properly.

Attention is specially drawn to the rules regarding attendance, discipline, reports, parental co – operation and payment of fees. Ignorance not be an excuse for any lapse.

Parents are requested not to enter classrooms without prior permission.